PinjaPuu is a young Finnish designer and artisan whose extraordinary designs are highly inspired by the beautiful and mystical northern nature.

PinjaPuu donates 0,50 € from each item sold to a charitable organization. This years (2017) donations go to The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation. of the north.

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Fern necklace


Great Spotted Woodpecker earrings

Iso Käpy

Pinecone earrings

Isot Saniaiskorvakorut

Big Fern earrings

Syreenikiitäjä -kaulakoru

Syreenikiitäjä / Sphinx Ligustri necklace

Käpy -nappikorvakorut

Pinecone studs


Fern earrings

Pieni Käpy -korvakorut

Small Pinecone earrings

Käpymandala -korvakorut

Pineconemandala earrings

Käpymandala -kaulakoru

PineconeMandala necklace, big

Käpymandala -Luomupuuvillakangaskassi

PineconeMandala totebag, Black

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